Are you Olympic ready?

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We’re talking about whether you are ready for the next phase of business as lockdown eases and businesses are given the green light to open safely.

On Thursday morning our Bev listened to the incredible speakers on the Marketing Derby Talking Business panel. And when listening to a speaker it’s clear there’s many lessons to learn from the world of sport for us businesspeople. That speaker was Jessica Piasecki, who if you’ve not heard of her is our leading lady in the UK for marathon running and recognised as the third fastest of all time in the UK with a personal best of 2.25.28.

Jessica spoke about how she was at the top of her game, totally ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when COVID19 hit. When the discussions started on whether they would hold the Olympics only accessible for the elite competitors with no attendees (very different to the norm) which quickly transpired to deferment to another year she had to reorganise her mindset. She had to accept that is was unlikely she’d get to perform at all this year.

Bev realised that whilst we are not athletes, this change and disruption will resonate with a lot of business owners. Many of us will have felt before COVID19 we were on top of our game, that we’re at our peak and then that the pandemic has caused our businesses to close, to diminish in size, to have a whole new host of things to consider in order to come out the other side.

Jessica said the biggest factor was that she was now finding it hard to motivate herself to get started when there is no clear goal available to her. Exactly how we imagine that’s the same for business, the unknown. We’re in the same situation.

So the question we’d now ask is how many business owners have a true business purpose, or as Simon Sinek refers to as to your why sussed?

Did you know that ‘Businesses with purpose grow faster, outpacing companies with no purpose by more than 100%’ (Cynthia Bell, Deloitte 2020).

If you have this ‘north star’, so to say, then this can help a business from freezing, panicking, and remaining passive, to thriving and becoming purpose driven. Much like Jessica when she’s on the track to her biggest competition.

It’s about doing those little things to not worry about the things you cannot control, as Jessica quite rightly said and concentrating on what you can control. We’d also add that this is the time to look for help don’t do things alone whether you’re an Olympic contender or business owner.

We are all adapting, Jessica’s husband has had to help with the physio to ensure she can remain on top of her game, Bev’s husband has become her hairdresser (!) Slightly different!

Jessica summarised that she realised as humans and businesses how adaptable we are. It has driven Jessica to think about different things that she could do to enhance her performance.

We can all take a leaf out of her book; if we all improve, focus on the small things we can adjust, if we can become better by 1% every day then by the end of the year we’ll be 40% better than we were today. Focus on these incremental changes, no drastic action is needed. That’s our message.

Take this opportunity to not only pivot, but to transform. Be Olympic ready even without that clear target in sight for when the Olympics will happen.

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