Be brave in your decision making in 2023, says owner of award-winning Vibrant Accountancy

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Be brave and have confidence in your decision-making, is the advice of a leading business expert and owner of an award-winning accountancy company.


Bev Wakefield, owner of Derby-based Vibrant Accountancy, says that although 2023 will pose new challenges as the cost-of-living crisis deepens, it is up to business owners to make their own success.


“Whilst we cannot predict the future, I believe that we have a huge influence on it,” said Bev, “and as business owners we need to have confidence in what we do and make our own luck.


“You can never sit still in business; you need to continually innovate and rethink what you do. But, as we found out during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re resilient as a country.


“We had clients pivot what they did during covid and now, as we head into 2023, many are in a healthy position with regards their company. Those that have invested in worked-on business plans and are up to date with their numbers are in a good place to drive forwards.


“And we can take confidence from the fact that many global organisations were created or grew extensively during hard times; think all the household names of Lego, Netflix, Uber, Disney, Mailchimp and Whatsapp!


“Airbnb – valued today at around £31bn – expanded during the international recession in 2008, while Microsoft and Groupon also found success during difficult times.”


Bev Wakefield, owner of Vibrant Accountancy.

Bev believes that forward planning and focusing on the things we can change will be key to helping businesses in 2023 and Vibrant Accountancy has already introduced their new ‘Lean on Vibrant Programme’ to help business owners push forwards with getting a grasp on their direction, their finances and importantly cash and helping them in the day-to-day running of their companies.


She said: “As a forward-thinking company, we know how important artificial intelligence is in our industry and we want to make the most of technology that is available to us.”


The new year will see Bev launch a business coaching programme at Vibrant’s Lodge Lane headquarters. The 12-month programme will see six business leaders participate in focussed coaching where they will focus on all aspects of running a successful company, from budgeting and understanding number to KPIs, cash and forecasting.


As well as benefitting from group and one-to-one coaching, the cohort will also hear from industry leaders in HR, employment law and leadership.


“Business coaching is an area I’m particularly keen to expand on,” added Bev, “I want to work with businesses and individuals that may need a support with numbers and direction. They must have the right mindset, ambitious and brave.”

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