COVID-19 looking after our team and you

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The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak is already having a huge impact on small businesses throughout the UK, and we’re all still coming to terms with what this will truly mean.

Here at Vibrant, we’re putting in place a number of measures to safeguard our team, the service we provide and the wider community.

COVID-19 remote working

As of today, the Vibrant team are all working from home. We’re geared up for working remotely, that’s the beauty of the cloud. We have invested in technologies which means we can operate anywhere. Our systems, how we communicate as a team, and where we store our files are all on the cloud.  We do not anticipate any impact on service and so it will be business as usual.

That said, we all have young families and during this time we will be making sure our families are well looked after too. This may mean that we will be working unusual hours, however between Ian, Bev and Sam you’re sure to get hold of one of us!

Looking after you, our clients

We appreciate that there will be worries for many of you and we want you to reach out to us if you have any immediate concerns. Please get in touch to schedule a call if you need to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in anyway. You may need to discuss cashflow, what support is available to you, how to deal with employees that are on SSP.  As you can imagine we’re already trawling through the daily altering information available and the economic assistance that is being put forward by the government.

Don’t struggle alone, you know where we are and keep safe.

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