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Furlough dates

31st July 2020

First key date for your Furlough diary is that your CJRS* claim for the period ending on or before 30th June 2020 needs to be submitted by 31st July 2020.

This is absolutely the LAST date you can make the claim and if you don’t submit a CJRS claim before this date you won’t be able to make any future claims for furloughing staff.

HMRC issued guidance on the steps you need to make before claiming which you can review here

* The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Make sure you keep ALL of the records associated with your CJRS claim as you’ll need to have them available for six years.

1st August 2020

From the 1st of August the scheme won’t fund your employers National Insurance (NI) contributions OR their pension for all of your furloughed staff. These payments will now need to be made from your own funds.  You can still claim 80% of furloughed staff wages up to the cap of £2500 per month.

1st September 2020

From this date you will only be able to claim grants of 70% of usual wages in the month of September (capped at £2,187.50), which is then reducing to 60% in October (monthly wage cap of £1,875) from HMRC. Employees are entitled to receive 80% of their usual wages but the onus is on you as the employer to make up the difference from this point onwards.

You can read more about these dates and changes to the scheme here:

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