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Optimistic people collaborating

At last week’s Marketing Derby Property Zoommit 2020 it kicked off with a survey of attendees along the lines of ‘will life go back to as it was pre-pandemic and when?’.

Interestingly most summit attendees believed that it will be next year when we will return to usual. 35% believed we will not get back to usual and there will be a new normal.

Is this what you are seeing for your business? We’ve all been operating in business as unusual times and business owners vary between waiting for normal to return or adapting to what a new market could look like for them to operate successfully in.

Paul Simpson, of Derby City Council, voted optimistically feeling that we will be returning to normal next year; interestingly he talked about three Rs; Restart, Revive and Renew.

R for recovery

The recovery strategy of maintaining confidence so that the city can reopen with flare and pin-ash has been totally smashed with the announcement of the marketplace food court. Katapult have developed visuals to engage, excite and enable the city to shout about our reopening. Combined this with the announcement about the performance venue it proves our city can deliver big exciting projects.

C for communication

Communication is certainly key for businesses right now too; provide your customers and the market you operate in with all the information they need to know right now. If you’ve got something exciting planned for reopening if you’re in a sector where you can’t open your doors until later this month give confidence to clients. We’ve heard of some great ideas like a promo video showing how you’re all set up with social distancing in mind.

D for diversification

Paul also spoke about diversifying our economy in Derby. Clearly it’s a higher risk to rely solely on the big employers, such as Rolls Royce. With the climate commitment made by D2N2 it’s time to fully adopt and decarbonise our economy. There’s been some interesting webinars, especially from Derby University, on how every type of business can commit to carbon reduction. There’s incentives for tax available too so it’s a real win win!

P for passion

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is even more relevant now. Many of us have a passion for our city and confidence in our ability to deliver. By supporting each other we can adapt to whatever the future looks like. There’s been great initiatives, like Derby Swap Shop, enabling business owners and highly skilled people to make a request for the support they need or provide a service / product out.

V for vibrant

When Paul posed the question of what makes for a vibrant city the response from the audience talked about a good mix or retail, city living and a big reason for people to come and visit our city centre. Culture is essential; supporting our theatre and QUAD and ways to get people to come over for a great night out were all added responses. This means our city has lots of opportunities for those looking to open up a new business, invest in property or grow their existing business. Sustainable travel was another strong request from those of us responding.

Returning as a vibrant city centre sounds perfect to us!

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