Unlock Business Potential with the Vibrant Community Growth Programme in Derby

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Welcome to our new opportunity for businesses in Derby! The Vibrant Community Growth Programme, spearheaded by Vibrant Accountancy, is more than just a support scheme; it’s a catalyst for transformative business growth and community development. Here’s what makes this programme a game-changer for your business:

£6,500+ VAT Value of Tailored Business Support: Each selected business receives an extensive support package valued at over £6,500, plus VAT. This includes:

  • Business Planning Session: Collaborate in a strategic session to craft a business plan that is not only growth-oriented but also harmonizes with your business’s aspirations.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Dive deep into financial analysis and planning, empowering you to manage your cash flow and financial resources more effectively.
  • Profit and Cash Flow Improvement Meetings: Engage in regular consultations with experienced accountants to pinpoint and capitalize on opportunities for profit and cash flow improvements.

Commitment to Community and Business Growth: This initiative isn’t just about individual business success; it’s about contributing positively to the Derby community. We’re looking for businesses that share this vision.

Application Process – Simple and Straightforward:

  1. Apply: Fill out an application form below, showcasing your business’s current community involvement, growth goals, challenges, and vision.
  2. Evaluation: Our panel of experts at Vibrant Accountancy will thoroughly review each application.
  3. Shortlisting and Interviews: Standout candidates will be shortlisted, with potential interviews if needed to discuss your business in more detail.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Application Submission Deadline: 26 January
  • Shortlisted Candidates Notified: 31 January
  • Interviews (if applicable): 2 February
  • Winner Announcement: 5 February

Why This Programme?

What our Bev has to say “The programme is open to businesses that not only seek to elevate their own success but also aspire to make a significant positive impact on the Derby community. I set up Vibrant Accountancy to make an Impact on our clients, our team and our community – and this is our way of giving back and offering this to a Company or CIC to help them make an even bigger impact on our city, to help them achieve their goals! I’m super excited about being able to offer this and provide these services to a well-deserving entity!”

Seeking the Ideal Candidate: We’re on the lookout for businesses that demonstrate the potential for significant impact and align with our programme’s objectives.

Ready to Amplify Your Business Impact? Don’t miss this chance. Click on the apply now button. For more details or questions, contact us here.


  • Can anyone apply?
    Any business that makes an impact on the Derby community
  • Do I need to be a client?
    No! Available to clients and non-existing clients too.
  • Is more than one place available?
    For 2024 there is only one place available, look out for future applications

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Your path to business growth and community impact in Derby starts here. Apply now and be the change!

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