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Time is best spent doing what you love, we understand from experience. Our Derby based accounting team cut through the jargon and increase your efficiency by streamlining your business accounts using the latest methods and technology. Accounting has never been so Vibrant.

We help you sleep at night… knowing all the compliance is being looked after, you don’t need to even worry about whether that return has been filed, or when x and y is due, we’ve got this for you!

We free up your time… so you can focus on the things you need to focus on, like providing that awesome service to your clients, or producing those exceptional products you do. You know we’re there to tell you the numbers and how you’re doing, so you can just focus on doing what you’re great at. Or.. having those weekends free again to spend some more quality time with the family.

We focus on achieving your goals… we listen to you, challenge you, hold you accountable, and care about you. We have some awesome services we can tailor to help you achieve whatever your target is. This might be giving you that little bit more mind freedom that you know cash is going to be OK and you can meet your targets.

We take care of your money honey, and help you grow that bottom line. In words we all understand, now it’s not always about making more money, but doing this in a SMART way. We get this, and we know different goals make different people tick… there’s no one service that fits all here.

So in terms of services…
what does this look like?

Business Development

Business and accounting are serious stuff but here is where it gets fun, fun, fun!

What is our Business Development service?

Well it’s what makes us that little bit more different to your traditional accountant.

This is where we can help with:

  • Improving your business performance and financial results – We dive into the results to see where you are winning and possible opportunities to improve.
  • Cash flow forecasting – cash is king – Setting monthly financial targets for a minimum 12 month period. This enables you to regularly measure actual results against budget, responding to any change in your business, and have control over your cash flow.
  • Accountability – understanding your goals and keeping you on track to achieve them.
  • Management accounts – giving you a snapshot of the performance of your business and to help focus.
  • Organisational review – are you wearing too many hats? Let’s have a look at roles and responsibilities and make sure everyone in your business is playing to their strengths.
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Start ups

Sole Trader or Limited Company?

When you’re setting up an awesome new business, one of the major decisions you have to make is the type of business it will be. There are different implications for tax, ownership and responsibility. Let Vibrant help you with this. We will take time to understand your personal plans and situation then advise on the best option for you.

Cloud Accounting

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper! Say hello to the new digital era.

Cloud Accounting will future proof your business, ensure you are always HMRC compliant, make you more efficient and save time. We can help get you onto the cloud and streamline your finance function.

As a Xero certified advisor, we see the many advantages using this software brings to business owners. It connects you with your business numbers and automates a number of processes to save time so gets you doing more of what your love doing.

As a Xero partner we use the software for our own finances which has saved us time to focus on what’s important, our clients.

Xero Certified Accountants
Vibrant Accountancy, Chartered Accountants in Derby. Certified by Xero
IDB Accountancy, accountants in Derby

Year-end accounts

To comply or not comply that is the question!

Let Vibrant take the hassle out of your year-end compliance process.

Yes we will ensure your year end accounts are compliant and filed on time. But more importantly we see the year end process as an opportunity to use the numbers to start planning for the year ahead.

We aim to try and cut down the time between the year end and the filing of the accounts and as a result:

  • Your time is freed up so you can focus more on your business,
  • we can have a positive impact on your credit rating,
  • conversations are more timely,
  • you can plan your cashflow for possible tax liabilities.


Yawn, yes, it’s boring but it’s serious work… tax doesn’t have to be taxing when we’ve got it for you!

From corporation tax to personal tax we’ll make sure:

  • that you’re compliant,
  • returns are filed on time,
  • your tax bill is minimised.

But also as a firm of chartered tax advisors, we can do so much more than just your tax returns. We want to understand your business so we can make sure you are maximising the tax reliefs available to you. There are so many reliefs and we know it’s a mind field, but this is our bag.

If you’re doing something innovative we will be checking whether you qualify for research and development, if you’re buying property we will be asking you the right questions to ensure we’re not missing any relief, we will be assessing how you take your money out of the business, and checking that there isn’t any nasty tax surprises hiding anywhere, we’ll also help you understand how much money to put to one side to make sure paying the tax bill is planned for.

Unlike other accountants, we promise, we will always be checking… remember we have tax geeks here too. Giving you total peace of mind and proactive advice.

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It’s Value Added!!

We can help on filing your VAT returns after preparing them.

We can produce your VAT return and check its accuracy, ensuring you’re using the very best VAT rates and making any necessary adjustments.

We will also submit VAT returns on your behalf, on time, to ensure complete compliance. That’s a value-added promise!!

Vibrant Accountancy, Chartered Accountants in Derby. Certified by Xero
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