Annual Budgeting & Financial Planning

Ideally, your business budget should be created on an annual basis for the year ahead, then reviewed throughout the year to compare actual numbers with budgeted numbers.

Taking the time to create a business budget has many benefits, including:

  1. Having the foresight to predict when cash shortfalls might happen, so you can plan in advance as to whether you will need to secure financing, tap into a line of credit or make adjustments to your payables schedule
  2. Being able to plan large expenditures more strategically, rather than being caught unprepared when they arise and having to scrabble around under the sofa for emergency funds
  3. Being able to reduce interest expense by planning financing needs well in advance
  4. Having a better handle on your cashflow, which will increase your overall financial control.

We can work with you to produce your budget to make sure everything is planned for – we’ll leave no stone (or sofa) unturned.