Hear from our existing clients about the ways we can add value to your business journey.

Amanda Bayliss
Founder of Hello People Solutions

Hello People Solutions are passionate about making a difference to your business- and we share this passion!

They provide flexible, practical, effective and professional advice.

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Hello have the nuts and bolts of compliance so our Vibrant Core service, including Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax, Payroll, Self-Assessment plus a sprinkling of Freedom through Quarterly Management Accounts, keeps an eye on the detail and makes sure they’re accountable to quarterly decisions.

I’ve been with Vibrant since they started and I haven’t looked back. The team are always on hand should I need their support and their advice is invaluable!

Ian Stevens Co-owner of The EMBS Group and Managing Director of EMBS Property

Ian ensures that EMBS Property provides the best, most unique and flexible solutions to current and future talent requirements – and that’s the kind of approach we love here at Vibrant! Tailored and Personable, cracking job!

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EMBS Group have our essential package, working on their day-to-day numbers with bookkeeping, strategic tax planning, annual accounts, corporation tax, payroll, self assessment and a splattering of our flourish package with planning and management accounts.

In 2021 the EMBS Group was going through a lot of business change and we needed an accountancy partner to support us. 

Bev and team spent an incredible amount of time getting to know & understand our business and the changes needed. 

They provided us with all the tools, guidance and support we needed to make the necessary financial transformation change and now have built a suitable product platform for us to grow. 

If you are looking for an accountancy partner with an individual touch then look no further than Vibrant, they come highly recommended.

Sam Lowe

Sam is the owner of Barba, an app to enable you to book a barber to you!

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Our essential package, to include bookkeeping services plus all statutory returns including tax returns.

Vibrant Accountancy truly understands our businesses and always delivers great service often before we have even thought about it. The team is extremely prepared and they make accounts seamless. I have and would recommend them.

Ian Tetsill, Director, Financian Ltd
Ian Tetsill
Director, Financian Ltd

Ian provides key support to key customers in Banking & Strategic Financing Consultancy.

Our essential package, to include bookkeeping services plus all statutory returns including tax returns.

I have relied on Vibrant for accounting services for over 2 years. They are really professional and give hands on practical advice. The whole team provide brilliant service and are all a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Rob Pritchard, Managing Director of Scenariio
Rob Pritchard
Managing Director of Scenariio

Scenariio are one of the leading specialists in quality IT Infrastructures and smart building technology in the UK. With over 35 years of experience in design, supply and install of high-quality IT infrastructure, Scenariio are specialists in – data cabling, wireless solutions, sensor technology and intelligent lighting that can save thousands of pounds a year.

The award-winning company, who work with the likes of Severn Trent Water, have teams of engineers working across the UK, and nine members of staff at their Derby headquarters.

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Scenariio have our core services, but we have also worked with them to make the move to cloud-based accounting software and will be working on tax projects with them in the near future.

They have also helped us by getting our meeting room tech up to spec!

It was a big decision to move our accounts to Vibrant Accountancy, but Bev and the team have made the move seamless.

Vibrant are very personable. Like us, they are a growing business and have ambition. We share the same vision and I like that Bev thinks outside of the box.

We’re hoping to grow over the next 12 months as demand for our services increases and although we work with companies all over the UK, Derby is our home and we’re always keen to work with businesses – like Vibrant – who are home-grown.

Adrian Keane
Chief Financial Officer of Cooke Optics Limited

Cooke Optics is a £26m turnover Academy Award winning manufacturer of cinematography lenses, established over a century ago. Based in Leicester, it is a global brand leader in its sector, famous for its fusion of sharpness, tonal warmth and depth known as “The Cooke Look”. They’re a statement, that’s for sure!

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Cooke Optics are subject to an Audit, and they need their accounts prepared independently and that’s where we step in, our Emma and Ian have stacks of experience in complex year end accounts and consolidations.

Vibrant stepped in to prepare the Statutory Accounts for Cooke and its wider group for FY21 and hit the ground running.  They were able to absorb the financial complexities and translate our information into statutory format with ease and formed a seamless part of our year end processes.  On top of that, and very importantly, they are an approachable bunch who are easy to work with.

James Wallis, Founder and Chartered Financial Planner – Aristotle Financial Planning
James Wallis
Founder and Chartered Financial Planner of Aristotle Financial Planning

The philosophy of Aristotle Financial Planning is to help you to match your life to your money with logical planning and a personable approach. James is holistic in his approach to finance – and we love this!

Check out Aristotle here.

Aristotle have the nuts and bolts of compliance so we introduced them to our core services, including Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax, Payroll, Self-Assessment plus a sprinkling of Quarterly Management Accounts, keeps an eye on the detail and makes sure they’re accountable to quarterly decisions.

I have really enjoyed working with the team at Vibrant so far. As someone who works on a personalised goals based approach within my business it seemed like an obvious choice to begin working with the team who also shared that approach, rather than the generic approach towards accountancy I have received in the past.

Being able to work with people who understand my personal and business goals moving forward and can hold me to account on my decisions is also very beneficial.

Bert Preece – Founder of Preece (Bert the Writer Limited)
Bert Preece
Founder of Preece (Bert the Writer Limited)

Bert is an award winning writer and we hope this piece is up to standard! He has an absolute gift of using his writing to get rid of the complexity, make the story, be bold and really impact the way people read your copy!

Check Bert out here.

There’s always so much to bear in mind when choosing an accountant. As a sole trader starting out, I remember asking myself questions like: “Can’t I just do it myself?”, and, “Do I really need a top accountant when I’m only a one-man band?”. But I’m so glad I made the decision to partner with the Vibrant team.

They’ve supported me in my first year of business, helping me with my day to day accounting and a switch from sole trader to limited company. And when I moved to Germany, they advised me on some of the international tax complexities involved. Imagine how much time I’d have spent trying to get my head around all of that – the conflicting information, getting lost in the maze of the government website. It gives me a headache just thinking about it!

What I’ve valued most about working with Vibrant are the team’s generosity and patience. Especially when I started out, and asked lots of very basic questions. Their communication is always clear and timely. And, even though I know I’m not their biggest client, I’ve always felt that they’ve looked after me like I am.

Nathan Carvell nthn Graphic & Website Designer in London
Nathan Carvell
Director Founder of nthn Limited

Nathan is not only our website developer, he’s also a designer, photographer and overall just a lovely gentleman. Nathan does more than just our website development though and he really does offer the full shebang from initial concepts, design, photography, and social media campaigns, to be honest the list is endless.

Check nthn out here.

Vibrant were invaluable while setting up my own company and continues to be. This allows me to focus on what I love doing as a creative. Emma & the team are trustworthy, professional, and always on hand to answer any queries I may have. I highly recommend them!

The Rested Cocktail Company
Johnny Eley
Director and Co-Founder of The Rested Cocktail Company

Ian has been key to the growth of my business over the last few years. He has always made himself available to answer any uncertainties that often come with dealing with accounts and finance. Ian has also been able use his knowledge and experience to advise on other areas of the business.

I have complete confidence and trust that Ian will manage the business finances, giving me more time to concentrate on my business and remove accounting stress. Definitely would recommend.